Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Working The Chain Again...

Okay... Today at the store was weird. It wasn't overly busy, but I felt absolutely exhausted as I left around 7PM this evening. Something about Tuesday shipment days make it very draining for me. The good news is that we actually got a sizable restock of Dragon Shields in. For those who don't know, Dragon Shields are probably the most expensive brand of card sleeve on the market. They are also the best quality sleeves for CCG players, hands down. The company that makes them cannot keep up with demand most of the time. We are frequently out of stock of them as they sell quickly when we do manage to get a quantity in.

In other store-related news, the MtG card rearranging/reorganization proceeds slowly. I pretty much stated to the employees that I wanted to have this done by the time I leave for GenCon. Looking at the calendar, I realize I leave for GenCon in one week. In regard to this project, it's go time if it is to be done by the deadline I imposed.

That is on top of all the other stuff I have been trying to get done by then. I have my own project that I am INCREDIBLY behind on. On top of that, I promised a friend that I would help him run his GenCon events as I know the game system better than he does, which means I need to re-read said game system to refresh my own memory.

It is times like this where I wish there were about four of me, but I know the world couldn't handle that... Plus Loquacious would probably kill at least three of them in an effort to save her own sanity... =P

-- GopherDave

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