Friday, November 09, 2012

Doing the Stuff...

It's Friday, so that means Friday Night Magic. It'll be busy tonight, so my blogging time will be short.

There is good news to celebrate, though. The Buzz (the Daily Illini's entertainment weekly) does a best of Champaign-Urbana issue every year. This year we were nominated for Best Specialty/Regional store. I really didn't think we had a chance as there are a TON of cool stores in our town, and many of them have been here for 25+ years. Yeah, we weren't up against just other game stores here in town. No, our competition was everything from knick-knack shops, scrapbook shops, local Euro-food marts, and local outdoor/camping stores to name a few. I knew we were in the top three when the editors asked if they could come in and take pictures, and maybe talk to us a bit.

Turns out, we beat them all...

Yes, Armored Gopher Games was voted the Best Regional Store in our local entertainment weekly.

It's a small honor, but it's an honor nonetheless, and one that we could not have accomplished without the support of our loyal friends and customers, the Gopher Mafia. I am humbled.

Apparently, we have been doing the stuff... Who knew?

-- GopherDave


  1. Congrats man! From everything I've heard you deserve it. I wish I traveled like I use to. I would so love to visit your shop.

    Kudos GD!

  2. Congratulations. I'd love to come see the store some time.