Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 202 of 362

It's another hot day in the Midwest... Thus, no sweater again. I miss the sweaters, especially when eating as I don't have a tie clip (one's on order) to keep the neckwear from dangling in the foodstuffs. I never thought about how difficult it is to wrangle a piece of cloth to behave until the last few days... Oh well... It'll be fixed soon.

It's also Friday, so that means Friday Night Magic at the store. The store, which is a cool oasis from the hot outdoors. One of the benefits to owning your own business... YOU control the thermostat! Woot! Welcome to Armored Gopher Igloo, folks!

A bunch of us Gophers went to Midnight movies and watched Captain America. It was quite good. A solid film on its own, and a good lead into the Avengers next summer. Recommended!

Anyhoo... gotta go... take care, all...

-- GopherDave

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