Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phase 2 Starts Tonight...

Tonight, once the store closes, we will do a hard count and enter it into the new Point-of-Sale... Then, we will have that thing set up and ready to go, and I will add things like tabs and credit from the old system over the next couple of days. Once it's up and running, we will add the function to take credit cards to the system directly, and then make the whole system wireless so we can move it... once that is all done, we'll proceed to phase three. That phase includes more slatwall, another new counter, and moving everything over to the front corner of the store.

There will be other stuff after that... Like Phase Four, where we replace some trash cans and tables and add locks to the some of the interior doors. Or Phase Five, where we get things settled and I get to take a whole day off every now and then... or Phase Eighty-Seven, when 'Gopher takes over the moon... =P

-- GopherDave

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  1. Good Luck Dave. been reading your fun times from day 1.