Monday, February 06, 2012

Busy, But Not Too Much...

I have no idea what kind of day it'll be at the store, but it should be decent.

Barring his illness carrying over from yesterday, I should have HiSign on duty today, and that means I can get a couple of errands done. One needs to be done for the store, the other is one of a personal nature that I have been meaning to get accomplished for months.

Also... I need to start think about Loq's birthday and Valentine's Day gifts. Her birthday (her 22nd... really...) is this upcoming Sunday and I am wandering around in my usual place of "no clue land". Don't worry, though. I'll come up with something. I typically do... I mean... my continued survival depends on it, right?  =P

-- GopherDave


  1. Lo's 22?
    She had me convinced she was 19, and theBoy and theGirl were cousins, or like, sleepover buddies or something....

    Good luck with your plan for continued survival.
    It's cute that married cats still have hope, sometimes.

  2. OK, that's my new favorite tie. :) Edged out the blue one by just a hair.