Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's That Girl?!? Timmy Fell Down The (Character) Well!?!

It's Saturday, and things feel odd. I'm not scheduled to go into the store until 4PM. Loquacious and Big Bank have things covered until then, so Skribl and I got to sleep in after being at the store until almost 4AM. Still, it's weird not turning around and doing it all over again a few hours later. I will admit that the sleep was nice. I could get used to this...

Tonight, Shady is running his Terracide/HERO System 6E game. In that game, I play probably the most racist character I have ever played. He's Asian, a bigot, and talks in stereotypical broken English when he's comfortable. When he's not comfortable, the "extreme" Chinese accent begins to disappear and is replaced with smoother, American English verbiage, with an educated tilt, but with a still-present street edge.

Part of me feels that I'm going to Hell whenever I play this character due to his VERY blatant racism. At the same time, I am finding a depth with him that I haven't found since my last two D&D/Pathfinder characters (for those who know, that would be Kes'keth and Gazdok), each of which developed *VERY* deep back stories as the game progressed. Gazdok, in particular, was sort of a surprise since I did not construct that character to start with. I was lazy and didn't want to futz with rules, so I told the GM (KnightErrantJR) to make me a "thug rogue" and I would flesh out the details. He handed me a half-Orc character with a DEX of 10 and STR of 20. I ran with it...

Anyway, tonight is the further adventures of Xia Ling-Zhen, and the rest of the crew of the salvage vessel Little Bear. Let's hope we don't end up dead.

-- GopherDave


  1. I miss Gazdok, especially Gazdok and Three, with Nathaniel as their councilor, and Gazdok and Scarus' philosophical debates . . .

  2. I really thought that either the campaign was going to end last night somehow. Either there were going to be a couple of character deaths or the team was going to split up. It was very intense, especially when one player exploded during the game.