Thursday, February 09, 2012

Still Going...

Well, another day of running uber-late. I cannot wait until I can let go of my trust issues enough to let HiSign and Big Bank fly solo.

Thinking about it, it'll be sooner rather than later. This Sunday is the lovely Loquacious one's birthday, so she'll rightfully get some of my best attention on that day. I'm looking forward to it, though it will be hard to tell my deeply-ingrained psyche "no... it's okay... we DON'T have to be at the store right now".

Beyond that, not much is going on. PC should be here later today to put in the new wireless router and make it secure. Our current router is old and oddly, whenever we secure the network with a password, it crashes the network, so we've been running it as open. Well, it seems that somebody BitTorrented something they shouldn't have on our network and we got a nasty letter from our ISP. Strangely enough, the incident happened during a time when it was least likely that one of our customers would do such a thing. So we're thinking it was either someone from the laundromat a couple doors down, or someone from the apartment complex next door. Either way, the network is getting locked down, and we haven't even decided if we're even going to let our customers use it anymore. We want to, but we also want to avoid upsetting our ISP as well.

In gaming, I am thinking about the upcoming Pathfinder game I have joined, and wondering what sort of character I want to do. Anymore, I tend to be a "gap-filler" for a party and take roles no one else seems to want. Typically, that means playing either a rogue (face or thug) or a cleric. Not sure which will be needed more. As I look through the base book and the Advanced Player's Guide, the Holy Vindicator prestige class seems interesting, but I'm not certain it will fit the party. Either way, I'm trying not to lock in my thinking and remain flexible to the needs of the group. We'll find out Tuesday night how that goes...

-- GopherDave


  1. Okay, so I've been in a bunch of Pathfinder campaigns, and one thing I've learned (and it sounds really bad to say it, but) is not to worry about what the party needs. Play what you find interesting, and don't worry about the party.

    I generally have been playing support characters for a long time now. And I've sort of found myself in this role because nobody else ever plays the support character. So my thinking is evolving to: "Hmm, if nobody else worries about playing support, why the hell should I?".

    You should play a character that interests you. If the character isn't interesting to you, you will be less likely to continue in the campaign. In fact, at that point, your support character dropping out is going to hurt even more than if the party never had a support character, because now they have all grown dependent on you.

    Play what you want. Either it will work out, or it won't - but you will have fun either way.

  2. Regarding the wireless network: You could use a second wireless router to run a less-secure network for the customers' use. Secure it with a password, then change the password every week. If a customer needs the internet, they can just get that week's password from you. That wouldn't prevent customers from abusing the network, but I like to think that we'd be less likely to do so, compared to outsiders. This plan would also give you the flexibility of tweaking the customers' network separately from the main network (e.g., throttling, port blocking, disallowing access when the store is closed, etc.).

  3. If you're fairly certain it wasn't a customer who screwed around with the connection ... then punishing customers for someone else's idiocy warrants sad panda face.

    As for the game, go with what interests you and don't worry about "fit" or "need" of the party :)