Sunday, February 05, 2012

Settling Down...

Things are beginning to settle down here at the store. The schedule still needs some tweaks, but folks are getting used to things with the new point-of-sale system, which is now my biggest hurdle in letting go. I will have to say, from a software standpoint, we have more power than we need currently, but that means we have room to grow.

I do have to let go... if for nothing else, to save my sanity. I love y'all to pieces, but I now know why a lot of game store owners suffer from burnout. I'm heading there myself, and I know it. I'm trying to do what I can to combat it, but some folks do *NOT* make that easy.

As far as weekend sales go, those went *WAY* beyond my hopes and predictions. That has reduced my stress a bit as I was afraid that I had heinously overspent. I probably did overspend, but our sales were good enough to bail us out. I need to watch that in the future, ESPECIALLY since we now have employees. Gotta be able to pay those guys... They're gonna help keep me sane...

-- GopherDave


  1. Oooh I like that tie, too. :) Then again, I like most of your ties.

    We had an insanely good week / weekend here as well. Broke a couple of records.

  2. Thank you for the compliments! They help feed my ego... ;)

    Where is "here", Kristi? If I know you in real life, I'm not currently connecting the dots...

  3. She's up north, where we got the slatwall.

  4. Oh Dave...
    Sanity is SO over rated.

  5. LOL sorry - thought you knew who I was. :) Loq has it...this is Mrs. Gryf.

  6. AH!

    Hey there, Kristi!

    I was blithely unaware that you paid attention to what I did in my little corner of the interwebs...

    Thanks again to you and your other (better?) half for the slatwall. It makes our store look a LOT better.

    Now... what would it take to get your husband to follow my sartorial example while he's at your store? I'm guessing a *LOT* of money, but that's just my impression... ;)

    -- GD

  7. LOL not a chance. :) But he's been talking about getting polos embroidered for a long time. Maybe we'll get that done this year.

  8. @ Kristi: Understood... Mr. Gryf has always struck me to be pretty much a t-shirt/jeans type of guy. Thing is, I am very much a t-shirt/sweats guy myself. It took a bit of personal prodding not to get me to do what I do, but to keep it up. It's paid dividends... Sales here have been on a constant climb since I began doing the shirt/tie thing. Wether that's due to the personal upgrade, or due to the fact that we haven't hit a sales plateau yet in our five years of existance, I'm not sure. I like to think it's the former... helps make what I'm doing worth it in my head...