Thursday, September 06, 2012

Are We Ready For Some Football..?

I originally going to post some long, drawn spiel about game design, but nothing like that happened last night.

Instead, for the first time in forever, I watched an entire football game from start to finish. Dallas Cowboys vs. the New York Giants...

How 'bout them Cowboys?  [GRIN]

It's early, and with the amount of penalties the 'Boys were drawing I mentally phased out for moment and thought I was watching the Raiders, but I'll take the win...

Football season in America... The only time of the year where screaming at your television for three hours straight does not make you certifiably insane...

-- GopherDave

1 comment:

  1. . . . well, that all depends on who you are rooting for. My ex-brother in law seemed quite certifiable when he was rooting for the Packers. ;)