Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 185 of 362

Okay... Tuesday, the day after a Monday holiday, and I'm about to hit the ground running. I have to pay rent for both the store and the house, place orders, get the store ready, and call our NEW merchant services company to get the credit card machine to send payments to them and not the current merchant services who have pretty much been forcing us into "compromising positions" financially.

On the whole we'll save $30 to $80 a month with the switch, but that translates into $240 to $960 a year, and that's definitely useful to the store.

As for the holiday itself, it was good to excellent. We had breakfast with the nephew and his son, which was wonderful. Then Loq and I came home and watched a movie off of Netflix... and finally, we went to the store and hung out with folks. Movie night at Gopher didn't work out like we had originally planned, the games and the conversations were quite enjoyable.

I hope your holiday went as well as mine, if not better...

-- GopherDave

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