Thursday, July 07, 2011

Day 187 of 362

Ahhhhhh... a rare day where I can sleep in and don't have any major errands to run for the store... and my body wakes me up a 6... A... M.


That being said, it hasn't been all bad. I moved things around so I think we're getting better reception with the XBox wireless setup. NetFlix did not flake out on me once this morning as opposed to several times last night... I also scrubbed the bath tub as it had a layer of soap scum that made taking a shower a dangerous adventure. I should know, I almost succumbed to gravity about three times during my "daily rinsing".

Beyond that, gaming-wise, things are in flux.

I am running my DeathWatch game for the last time tonight. It's not ending as one of the players is taking it over. I like the system, the background fluff, the players (especially the players), but I'm not really having fun running it. The players are expected to act a certain way ALL THE TIME, and while they may not feel constrained, I do... and thus, I'm stepping away from that particular table.

The Deadlands: Hell on Earth game I've been playing in for a couple of years now is going on hiatus. Thing is, when/if it comes back, I'll probably step away from that as well. The game is fun, but we are getting busy enough that I spend more time behind the counter than at the table. It's not a bad problem for a shopkeeper to have, but it's not fair to the other participants of the game.

Finally, my Champions games are still going, though one seems to be on life support. The other is going strong, but it's gotten weird with a bizarre flux of incoming and outgoing players. The game is strong, but it's not stable. I need to tread carefully. The one on life support may get jettisoned due to a similar problem I have with the Deadlands game. If a customer needs to be helped, I need to step away from the table. The problem is magnified as I am the GM and the game comes to a screeching halt when I need to do that. Again, not fair to my players... I dunno...

It'll all work itself in the end I guess...

-- GopherDave

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