Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 290 of 362

Okay, It's Tuesday, so I need to scoot to the store and do some orders. I also have some MtG cards to go over, price, and place into their respective binders. The work at the store is never ending, and I think that's why I don't get bored with it, even when it seems repetitious.

As a long time "sufferer" (I think my wife suffers from my condition more than I do) of low-grade bi-polar disorder, I have found that finishing anything on a large scale difficult. Sure, I can read a book, make an NPC for a game, do a weekly store order, make a meal, and other overall trivial things like that. It's the big projects that trip me up, such as writing a book or painting an army of miniatures. I find it extremely difficult to look at things as a series of smaller tasks, and so I eventually get bored (or overwhelmed) and move on to other big projects. I don't finish those either. =P

Anyway, going back to today, tonight I get to play the telekinetic cynic, Marathon. I seriously enjoy playing in this game. It's got a fantastic GM and a great group of players, and we have a blast pretty much every time we get together.

-- GopherDave