Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 291 of 362

This tie was sent to me gratis with my last order from as a way to promote October being Breast Cancer Awareness month. I figured I would be remiss if I didn't wear it at least once during said month. 

Hmmmm... It's shipment day at Gopher, so I'm going to get to the store and find boxes waiting for me at the neighboring business. S'okay, though... They're good people and they take care of them. They know, with the hours we keep, it's hard to get my 40+ year-old body out of bed sometimes.

Last night's DC Adventures run was fun, as always. Our group ended up going to the Rock of Eternity, pummeling or spacing the bulk of the Fearsome Five, freeing a number of B-List heroes (who are all still pretty much above us on the hero scale), fighting Blaze (the current Queen of Hell), stealing Blaze's crown as she tries to leave, and then running like scared little girls as a possessed Black Adam begins to beat the crap out of us. Serious, in one move, he one-punched three of us. Marathon, as durable as he is, was not among those three, and so, with Paradox and Beorn, we scooped up our fallen comrades and left the enraged Black Adam to fight Etrigan.

Yep... fun...


  1. I really like the pink. ON YOU. Not for me.

  2. You know... This is probably the only combination of shirt/sweater/tie that I currently own where pink actually looks good.

    As it goes, I probably would never order this tie on my own. It's a touch out of my usual comfort zone. That being said, it doesn't look bad...

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  4. Shaik...

    I would have actually appreciated your comment, even in its broken English, if it had not been followed up by some odd "sample lease" trolling.

    Spamming and trolling are not the ways of this blog...

    Sorry, GD