Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 294 of 362

Yep... Went back and did a bit of research/reminding myself from yesterday. I done tied a Windsor knot two days straight. Woot... =P 

It's a lazy Saturday here at the store, today. A few board game sales, a fair number of folks looking for Magic cards, and the occasional dice hound has kept it from being completely dull. The boy and I have managed to get some work done, but mostly I am kind of trying to recover from a series of weekends where I've been too busy to think straight.

Tonight is the character creation/equipment purchasing session for a game of Terracide being run by Shady (one of my best friends). While the last thing I need to do from a time/work perspective is join another game, I haven't really gamed with Shady in a very long time. The man is one of my longtime best friends and was the best man at my wedding. I miss slinging dice with him at the table in any capacity. The fact that he's the author of the setting we're playing in is just icing on the cake.

Out of the blue, I just had an idea to build a machine that will scan, sleeve, price, enter into inventory, and stock into the sales/display option of your choice (binders, file cabinets, boxes, etc.) Magic: the Gathering cards using an automated process where you just drop the cards into a hopper, hit the switch and walk away. Well... one can dream, right?

-- GopherDave

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