Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The kids are now out for summer, which changes some of the routine here at the house and the store. The most jarring change is the fact that the boy is now 18 and can pretty much do what he wants. Yeah, he still has responsibilities as long as he lives here, but for the most part the leash is off and he's on his own.

Tonight was KnightErrantJR's DC Adventures game, and it was fun as usual. We beat the crappage out of the Time Trapper by having Bjorn (our resident Werebear) hold him, Myrmidon point out exactly where Time Trapper should be struck, and Marathon punching hm in the ding-ding until unconsciousness is reached. Necromancer tossed in sorcerous help, and despite some Villain Point shenanigans keeping him up for a bit to be more threatening. We had Time Trapper down before Paradox could be back with items pertinent to his TT's desire to stop/de-exist us. With Time Trapper defeated, we closed a temporal rift that had been widening. This allowed the Justice League/Justice Society/Teen Titans to pop back into our reality and be rescued. The session ended with the wedding of Myrmidon to Vicky Vale. According to KEJR, there is one more story arc left before the campaign is finished. I for one do not look forward to the ending. I like this game and I really do dig and appreciate KEJR's handling of it all.

Good times...

-- GopherDave

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