Thursday, May 31, 2012


Okay... many things were accomplished yesterday, chief among them, getting license plates for the new car so Skribl could actually drive it. Mission accomplished, and I got to ride around with him a small bit as well. Skribl's not the best driver there is, and he is *very* aware of this fact. The level of caution he displays while behind the wheel is almost Grandma-like, but I would rather have that than Skribl thinking he is the next Mario Andretti. I have no doubt that he will get better at vehicular operation with time and experience, and that he has the tools to be very good at it. Now to convince him that he is in no way, shape, or form ready for driving in Chicago yet. He has friends there he wants to see next week and is looking at driving up there by himself. Needless to say, Mom and Dad think this is a B-A-D-D bad idea...

Now... as I stated above, many things were accomplished yesterday. Those things were accomplished by me getting up way early (6:00 AM) and going to bed way late (3:00 AM). As a result, I am incredibly tired, and with the weather change, I also have a sinus-driven headache that refuses to go away. Fatigue and pain hasn't stopped me yet, though almost no side work is getting done at the store today due to those factors. The main work for the day has been finished as orders have been received and processed, the web site has been updated, and I've let non-regulars know that special orders are in. Other orders have been placed, and are awaiting arrival so I can do it all again. Depending on how I feel, I might stick around after Skribl arrives to work so I can get some other stuff done, but at this point, I'm not counting on it.

My darling Loquacious wrote a neat post today over at her playground. I could do something like that, but it would go on for pages and pages and pages... It brings up some interesting thoughts, though. Ones that are intermixing with my current desire to run another game. Her post mostly has me thinking about the RPGs that have influenced my the most in my gaming life and how they have contributed to game design philosophies. Over the years, I have found that I enjoy running melodramatic, personal-level, story-driven games. I suppose my ideal mix of game system would take Feng Shui, HERO System, and Storyteller, throw 'em in the proverbial blender and hit "Frappe" until smooth. 'Tis a shame that no one has done that yet. It would save me time from having to do it. This line of thought does bring up an interesting analogy, though...

Like most food, I am finding that homemade games are are frequently better than those that are store-bought and pre-made...

-- GopherDave


  1. Hmm, I'm not so sure of that. Of course, I haven't played any homebrew RPGs. I have playtested my share though, so maybe that counts...a little. But I've had some most excellent games/campaigns using systems that were bought, not homebrewed.

    It could be that you like homebrewed better because there is more of yourself invested in the system.

    Of course that could (hopefully) be said of anyone who has had something to do with creating a game.


  2. Hey there, just wanted to say that I checked out Loquacious' post and loved it. I also noticed that she recently started following my blog. I will thank her personally myself when I can the chance to sit on the computer for a longer stretch but please give her a thanks and a welcome from me.

    I am a big kitbasher and modifier. I love to tinker and mess with game systems. While I definitely have a special fondness for some of the games I started with, my desire to play less crunchie, more story-oriented, RP-oriented games has left me doing just what you describe. These days I often chuck two or three RPGs in a blender and press 'puree'.