Saturday, June 02, 2012

Slow Reflection Time...

Another day... another day at the store. It's been relatively quiet thus far today, but it's early yet. We have a "Dammit! I bought this game and I'm gonna play it!" day happening, but that has drawn pretty much no one as of this moment. I'm not really minding. Given what time I got out of here last night/this morning (3AM), I could use a little slow.

Beyond all that, though I tried to plan some game stuff last night, fatigue got in the way of brain cells forming complete thoughts. With the slow time today and the night off tonight, I will be putting together a plan of action. Will probably be one game... might be two, as I have another couple of ideas in my head from passed days that I want to revisit. One of these things will require a game system to be written. I'm not certain if I will modify one of the SIX that I currently have written in one form or another, or if I will just create another one out of whole cloth.

I've made no secret that I want to run another superhero game. One that is more story driven than most. The other ideas floating in my head are...

...a dark, modern horror game along the lines of Dark Conspiracy/X-Files/Conspiracy-X.


An early-era-of-cyberpunk game where the technology is just emerging. Bionics/cyberlimbs exist, but they are not entirely reliable, nor are they easy to acquire. Never mind the hacking tech that hearkens back to the early days of cyberpunk literature, with physical interfacing and actual keyboards...

Not sure what direction I want to take with it all. As it goes, I might just want to combine to two ideas into one intriguing mash-up... hmmmm...

-- GopherDave


  1. I guess I need to get back into the habit of checking the schedule, because I had no idea it was DIBTGAIGTPID again.

  2. Like I keep telling people... "Don't sleep on the Gopher".

    There's always at least a little something going on here... =)