Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 203 of 362

A late night Friday makes for an early Saturday that I don't want to move. Ugh... It's too early...

Last night was fun, though. It was the Friday Night Magic for a couple of people, one for several months at least, one pretty much forever. Rygar will be studying in Japan for the next academic year while SnS took a job in Nebraska. SnS is pretty much gone as there is very little tying him down here except his academic work, though he *IS* planning to visit during our planning-to-be-huge Innistrad Pre-Release weekend...

Beyond that, while the northern part of the state has started to cool off, we're still looking at high temps in the mid-90s. Ugh, again...

That's it for now, sports fans...

-- GopherDave

P.S. -- I've said this already, but you should go see Captain America...'s quite good. 'Nuff said.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 202 of 362

It's another hot day in the Midwest... Thus, no sweater again. I miss the sweaters, especially when eating as I don't have a tie clip (one's on order) to keep the neckwear from dangling in the foodstuffs. I never thought about how difficult it is to wrangle a piece of cloth to behave until the last few days... Oh well... It'll be fixed soon.

It's also Friday, so that means Friday Night Magic at the store. The store, which is a cool oasis from the hot outdoors. One of the benefits to owning your own business... YOU control the thermostat! Woot! Welcome to Armored Gopher Igloo, folks!

A bunch of us Gophers went to Midnight movies and watched Captain America. It was quite good. A solid film on its own, and a good lead into the Avengers next summer. Recommended!

Anyhoo... gotta go... take care, all...

-- GopherDave

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 201 of 362

No... no sweater... It's frakkin' *HOT* outside today...

Okay... delayed shipment day. This one was delayed to some stuff happening on Tuesday that precluded me to fully look at what we needed. So I bumped stuff up a day to be able to do a "better" order.

Weather-wise, Lucifer has exported some of his finest climate to the Midwest. It's 81 degrees currently, and it's not even 10AM yet. It's supposed to climb to 97, discounting heat index. I ditched the sweater today, and I damn near eschewed the tie as well, but I am trying to stick to this, and well, I'm pretty damn stubborn.

Later tonight, the family and I, plus some Gophers, will be seeing Captain America tonight for a Midnight movie... It's been a few weeks since we've done something like this, so it should be fun...

Anyhoo, I got stuff to get done...  =)

-- GopherDave

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 200 of 362

Yep, I'm wearing a sweater now, but it may get shed before Noon as it's supposed to be insanely hot again today. Bleh...

Hey all... Getting an early start today. I have a fair amount of stuff to do at the store and I want to make certain that it is ALL done before we open today.

Tonight's gaming agenda is looking light, with just one RPG running. We had two scheduled, but the particular night became bad for them, so they moved it. I've got something slotted to take it's place, but it won't start until next month.

Not much beyond that. I noticed that this is day 200 when I typed up the title of the post. That means I'm over halfway (55.24861878453039%) through the year and I am running on a 99.5% success rate, since I have missed one day of doing the whole personal upgrade thing. It proceeds apace...

-- GopherDave

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 199 of 362

Yep, no sweater. I brought a sweater, but it's too flippin' hot for it... Hot enough even *I* won't don "the vest".

It's another day in paradise. It's also HOT!

Beyond that, not much to report. In general, I plan to get some work done around the store, and then settle in to get some game work in. Of course, now that I've said that, we'll be very busy tonight... shame... =P

peace... GopherDave

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 198 of 362

Heya... It's late getting here, but this is the update for this fine Monday.

Woke up... got ready... and then had lunch with Loquacious, FunDave, and Hi-Sign. It was a good time... Then went and got the store ready. Loq and I finished a project from over the weekend, so that was a check mark in the "accomplished" column.

Tomorrow sees me working on the financial standing of the store after the weekend. I think we (I) overspent the last two weeks, but I'm pretty certain we've mostly recovered. I'll know more after the weekend credit card receipts hit the accounts.

Nothing much beyond that. Loq's watching the store on 40K night, so I'm at home with the kids...

I might get some actual game work done...

peace... GopherDave

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Launch Party Goodness!

Overview from in front of the cash wrap...

Pod #1... a LOT of intense thought is going into choosing pieces of the "ultimate weapon"... MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Pod #2: Rygar, Breyfunk, Grumpy, Skribl, and Mr. 6:32 (among others) debate card choices and wonder "Did Wizards really print THIS?!?"

Pod #3: It's always the quiet ones...

Overview from the front of the store...
I figured that folks would like to see some pictures of things here. These pictures are from our MtG: M12 Launch Party. We had 28 people in for this event, and we had a great time!

Bigger events are always a pain to set up and get going, but once you get them up and running, they run relatively smoothly. We even had another couple of folks tell us that we run the best organized tournaments in the region. I mean, the doors opened at 10AM for check-in, we started just after 11AM, and we were done with 3 rounds of gaming and had prizes awarded by 2:45. We did okay...

Peace... GopherDave

Day 197 of 362

Ugh... It's WAY too early. On the plus side, a meeting I had thought to be at 9:30AM is actually at 10:30AM, so I can get a bit of work done.

Got an unexpected visit from a friend last night. As much as I wanted to stay in, this man spends 9+ months a year in either Africa or Eastern Europe. When he is here in the states, he's based out of somewhere NOT close. Up until a couple of years ago, I hadn't seen him in 14 years. When he visits the local area, though, he's made more of an effort to reconnect. It's been good...

There's more, but I do have work to do...

-- GopherDave