Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Okay... This is going to be written a little off the cuff, but that's how I typically do things anyway.

First, this is about game stuff, so if you're looking for life/music/anything else, feel free to move on.

Second, this came about from a conversation that I had with my love wife, MrsGopher, with me lamenting about some things. The spouse stated that she misses me working on something creative, and the passion that I pour into something when I am excited, but she also stated something that I have long known, but never really admitted to myself until the last few days...

I am not a setting guy in regard to creation. I have ideas, and love to try to flesh them out, but I always get stuck on some facet of the setting that is not quite how I want it. Then when I attempt to refine that facet, it all seems to go invariably awry, and I lose interest in the project. I can create very limited settings, as long as the scope is small. The players and their most immediate surroundings. Trying to do anything larger just doesn't work with me.

No... not a setting guy. What I am is a system tinkerer with a more than fair ability to meld cool ideas to game mechanics. Be it making something work for an existing game, or coming up with new game systems whole-cloth to make the idea flow right... that... that I can do.

So, if you have a setting you need help "mechanizing" that isn't High Fantasy or Hard Science-Fiction, hit me up. I'm most comfortable using Savage Worlds and HERO System, but I can also create full game engines from aether to fit ideas if wanted. =)

peace... GopherDave