Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Choices, Choices...

Once again, not much is happening at the store today. I do have some important business that will take me away from here later on, but I am debating on if I am coming back to the Gopher afterward.

Why would I come back? Simple, I would really like to play some Warmachine, and we just put it back on the schedule last week. We'll have a Journeyman league starting next week, and part of me cannot wait. I just hope I will be able to participate on a regular basis.

However, if I come back to push little metal/plastic dudes around, then no work will get done on the upcoming Champions game, and I am seeing work I could be doing at this point. Why I didn't see it before is something that boggles me, but it's there.

Warmachine may have to wait until next week, but my Menites will not stay down forever. It's been some time since they burned the flesh of heretics, and they are hungry for the sight of the Flame of the Creator once again...

-- GopherDave

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nervous Anticipation...

It's another lovely day here at the Gopher. Skribl is inputting some new items into inventory (like I taught him) while I tap away here at the keyboard. There's actually a bunch to do, so this will be short.

"Non-work" proceeds on the Champions game. While I am not really doing much in the way of pre-planning, I am starting to template things in like general social support staff (mayor, cops, media, and such). Not entirely certain what the prevailing social attitudes will quite be yet, as that is, in part, to be determined by the backgrounds that the players hand me. More of that will also be determined by the meeting this upcoming Saturday where we hammer out character concepts and builds. I, for one, am looking forward to it.

The approach I am taking with this game, though,  is *VERY* foreign to me. Usually, by this time, I have at least a skeletal timeline and world history typed our, potentially important NPCs sketched out, and major villains of the world completely done in terms of stats, personality, and motivation. Currently, I don't even know exactly where the game will be set other than in a major city on modern-day Earth. While I stated above that I am looking forward to it (I am), the whole idea of having practically nothing really put together ahead of time has got me in a state of anxious apoplexy.

It kind of makes the whole thing seem exciting...

-- GopherDave