Thursday, March 24, 2016

Back to the Capes...

One of my frequent (and frequently broken) new years' resolutions is to become a published author in the medium of pen-and-paper RPGs. I've started a myriad of projects with the intent of finishing, and I never do. This year is no different.

After blowing up all the games I was running (though I hope to revisit one sometime soon), I started running a number of Savage Worlds campaigns (I'm up to three now) for various reasons over the last couple of months. In those three games I am visiting Modern-Day Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Horror, and Science-Fiction. The itch I am not scratching is my love of the Superhero genre.

I adore the modern myths of superhero comics, and the current media flood of genre movies and television just has me giddy. I am truly digging all the movies and TV shows coming down the pipe (though I am miffed that I have to wait until 2019 for an Inhumans movie). In regard to RPGs, if I am offered the chance to play a game, and have to choose between D&D, Shadowrun, or *ANY* superhero themed game, I'm running for the capes and cowls. I have acquired (and sold) at least three collections of comic books in my lifetime. In fact I am currently building another small comic collection that I may have to tone down due to lack of storage space in our current house (the comics have to compete with two other sizable collections (RPG books/Board Games and music CDs)).

Back to the games... Like stated above, I am not currently scratching my superhero itch. Typically, when I run a game in that genre, I reach for Champions/HERO System. It simulates the genre better than anything else on the market. The last two editions of the game, however, are not newbie-friendly, and the books for the 6th Edition (the latest) are thick enough to scare off most veteran gamers. Also, as much as I like Champions, running a game of it can be *VERY* prep-intensive with regard to time involved. I had that time when I was younger, but no longer in my later adult life. The Hero Designer software helps, but not by as much as it really needs to at this point in life. This lack of "prep time" is the main reason why I am running three "canned" (read, pre-written) campaigns in Savage Worlds. The work is pretty much done, and doing anything else I might need on the fly is ridiculously easy.

So, I set aside my stock "National Guard" background for Champions, and began to think about writing another superhero background, one that doesn't have 20+ years of history and baggage. As I jot down ideas for this setting, I began to think about what game system I would run campaigns of it in. I was trying to avoid Savage Worlds, as I am already running three games in that system. However, as I write things down for the "Shiftverse", I figure I might as well embrace the system for a fourth game.

Hence, I am writing and creating this current project as a Plot Point campaign for Savage Worlds... and ICONS... and SUPERS... and possibly a couple of other systems... if I can get the licenses for them. I currently have about four whole pages of notes written, with the basic structure planned out. I have started filling in small gaps as time and creativity allow. I have gotten in touch with a graphic designer/artist friend with regard to art and layout for the project. Things are very much in the preliminary stages with this,but I'm liking where it's going at the moment...

peace... GopherDave