Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85 of 362

Okay... late night last night, but a good one. I enjoyed myself, and others seemed to enjoy themselves as well.

Today we have a Malifaux demo/open play game happening, then later, I have my Saturday night Champions game. I think things will be good.

Here in the next few days, my schedule should be clearing up a bit so I can catch up on other blog content. I know I have more than a couple of Monday Music entries to do and I'd like to get back to Tai'eres as blogging about the setting helps me has out things about it all.

Beyond that...

-- GopherDave

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 84 of 362

It's Friday so that means Friday Night Magic. Tonight's turnout is looking pretty good already.

We have a few errands to run before we hit the store, but we are currently on track.

Myself, the family, and some of the other Gophers went and watched Sucker-Punch last night. Visually, it's arresting and stunning. Story-wise... the pacing seems rushed, and it tries to work on three different levels of reality. I'm not sure I get, but it is like when I went and watched Akira for the first time. I didn't get Akira at first, either, but a second viewing of it made everything click into place for me. That's the same-feeling I got watching Sucker-Punch. I'm not getting it, but comprehension isn't far behind.

I will watch Sucker-Punch again when it hits video/DVD/Blu-Ray in the holiday season. I might get it then...

peace... GopherDave

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 83 of 362

Another day, another late start. A few things are happening, though.

Tonight, I'm taking the family to go see SuckerPunch at a midnight movie. I'm excited. We've invited a bunch of people to tag along, but have gotten very few takers thus far. We'll know more tonight.

On the gaming front, we switched the Wednesday night Champions game to a Sunday night Champions game, so planning should be easier for me. This leaves me a with a Wednesday slot to fill, but I'm pretty certain we can find something.

Until later... GopherDave

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82 of 362

Today is shipment day, so I'm at the store uber-early. Not a lot to do today beyond playing with merchandise. I do have a HERO System 6E/Champions game to run tonight, and I'm HOPING to get something planned for it, but I'm not optimistic about that happening.

Gotta go... Trucks here...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81 of 362

My daughter calls this my Harry Potter/Gryfindor tie. I can see it...

Another day, another late start. I'm starting to grow weary of them, but the bulk of them are my fault.

Today is order day at the store. After that, it becomes Casual Magic day and KnightErrantJR's DC Adventures day. I enjoy the latter the most since I get to play my telekinetic cynic, Marathon. I am optimistic for a good session.

In fact, I'm looking for today to be a good day...

-- GopherDave

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 80 of 362

Another day, another late start. I may have more tonight, but I've got to get out the door and run some errands. I will (possibly) blog at you later.

-- GopherDave

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 79 of 362

In honor of the Illini and the hopes that they'll beat Kansas in the NCAA tourney today, I'll wear the "team colors".

It's Sunday... the home machine looks to be virus free, thought the little buggers keep on trying.

I'm not involved in anything at the store today, though I do have a business meeting later in the evening. We'll see how that goes. I'm not entirely optimistic, but I am hopeful. Beyond that, I'm doing Sunday financials and populating the restock list for this week.


Computer Doctor

I took the home machine to one of the best computer techs that I know. He worked on it for a bit, and discovered that the machine did not have one virus... it had SIX. Five of those were related to each other in terms of what they did, the other was an oddball, but one of them had shut off the updating abilities of both AVG Anti-Virus and Malwarebytes AntiMalware.

So, he cleaned the machine, we updated the anti-virus software a bit, and things seemed to run as fast on his network as I ever remember them. I came home, hooked the machine back up to my home network, and it was just like before I took the machine to the TechGopher. Slower than dial-up. I ran updates for things... it took way longer for things to download than they should have, but at least they were downloading.

After firing off an update message to my tech friend, I headed to the "library" to have a good "think". While there, I hit upon the fact that I had not reset the cable modem after I hooked the computer back up. So I put down my "book", came out and did the modem reset...

Everything's better now...

It's days like this when I feel like I shouldn't even own a computer...

Thanks, Paul. Your help is way appreciated. I just wish I was quicker on the uptake sometimes...

-- GopherDave