Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sucker-Punch Packed With Pride...

So... A funny thing is happening... and I am not talking about how it took Store Supply Warehouse sending us six bases to find two that were not already broken and/or crappily made.

I just had a conversation with our son, and he informed me that he has pretty much moved out of the house. He still has some stuff there (most of which we will be getting rid of), but for the most part he is no longer part of our household. I sort of felt it coming, but now that it's here, the situation has got me feeling pensive, and at least a little bit scared.

I honestlly do not know how to describe what I am feeling currently. I'll miss him, probably more than either one of us will ever truly admit. It's the start of the emptying of the nest. We still have Pumpkin (she's got a couple of years left, yet). LittleTinyBabyMan ("adopted" son #3) is still with us, but he just got a promotion at his workplace and one of our employees is looking for a roommate, so I suspect he'll be out of the house in short order.

It's gonna be weird. There is a side benefit, though. Once LTBM moves out, Pumpkin has laid claim to what will be her brother's "old room". Once she moves in there, I will claim her old room as a man cave/office of sorts. I am sort of looking forward to that, but if it came down to having a man cave and having our son with us, I'd choose our son at this point.

To Skribl:

I love you, son, and I am proud of the young man you have grown into. I wish you nothing but good tidings on this flight from the nest to begin this grand adventure that will be known as "your life".

I realize I have not been the best of fathers much of the time, but please know that I have always tried to do my best, even if I was emotionally ill-equipped to do so correctly. As a result, I have made plenty of mistakes as your father. Those actions were never meant to be mistakes. I thought that whatever I was doing at the time was what was best. I know now, with hindsight and experience, this was rarely the case.

That said, if and when you need me, I will be there for you... to laugh, cry, advise, help, celebrate, support, or even just talk with you, because I'm your dad. That's my job and my purpose in life, and I cannot think of too many better reasons to be here than that.

Love, Dad