Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 349 of 362

It's a lazy Saturday here at the store. Not much is happening here during the day as much by design as anything else. It's giving us some time to catch up on some stuff. Like taking a check over to the folks who run Winter War. We're all paid and should be all set to see our convention friends once again! Like always, looking forward to it...

Beyond that, since it's World of Darkness night at the store, Loquacious will be coming in early and relieving me, so I get to go home and do laundry... I really don't mind. It's gives me a chance to unwind, watch some TV, and spend some time with the best dog on the planet.

It'll be good...

-- GopherDave

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 348 of 362

Well... Loq and had our meeting on Wednesday and jumped through another hoop, successfully I might add, but something at that meeting put us ill-at-ease... the details we are willing to reveal can be found here.

In other news, well, nothing is ever set in stone, and a bigger Gopher hole is in our future. We just have to be patient about it.


-- GopherDave

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 347 of 362

I hate that the speed of bureaucracy is so damned slow.

We're currently in limbo once again with the new place. I'm pretty much of the opinion that if we don't have a signed lease in place by 6PM Friday, then we (Gopher) are walking away from the deal. Too much hoop-jumping makes GopherDave a frustrated person.

On the gaming front, the DC Adventures game was a hoot. We actually beat the crap out of the Fatal Five. I am honestly kind of surprised. Tonight, we have Zug's Champions game which is having some issues. We're going to talk about those issues in a discussion that will probably be led by me, which is odd since I am not the GM for this particular game. Ehhh... whatever... We'll work things out or we won't.

I think that's it for now... I'm going to go do some game store owner-stuff... =P

-- GopherDave

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 346 of 362

Well... it's D-Day. In about an hour, Loq and I will have a meeting to determine if we are indeed signing a lease for a space we have been actively pursuing (and who has pursued us in return), or if we are back to square one. I have to be honest, with all the stress this situation has caused me, square one doesn't seem so bad right now. That, however, would be the easy way out...

...and the Gophers deserve more than that...

They deserve us to fight hard for something that will ultimately be better for them, for us, and for the good of the local table-top gaming community as a whole. The space we're pursuing (or something close to it) is that 'thing'...

So, Loq and I are going to put on our "war face". We're going to try and act professionally about it all, and we're going to fight for something that there should be no fight over. Someone has a space for rent. We want to rent it. Loq and I have run the numbers and made an offer we can pull off. The (potential) landlord sent back a counter. We had another round of back-and-forth and came to what I consider to be a (non-binding) 'handshake agreement'. Now, they've come back with trepidations about us being able to afford the space.

I don't know what numbers they're looking at, but we've no doubt we can pull this off with flying colors.

After all, we have an army of Gophers behind us... and that's all we'll ever need.

-- GopherDave

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 345 of 362

Another Tuesday... It's time to go make a couple of orders... It's time to receive an early order... and eventually it will be time to play my semi-paranoid, telekinetic private detective, Marathon.

The orders should be no issue. I do those on a regular basis. Last we left off in the game, we were facing down the Fatal Five. Now... Marathon is more durable than a LOT of characters in this game, but I'm not looking forward to receiving what could be an epic ass-whoopin'. This one is going to take some brains. I hope we're up to it.

Plus (and there is no real pressure here for KnightErrantJR), given the meeting Lo and I have tomorrow, I'm going to need a major stress release full of fun tonight. I know me, and the less stress I feel going into this meeting, the less likely I will need bail money.

Here's hoping...

-- GopherDave

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 344 of 362

Well, we survived the weekend. While I didn't got to bed until WAY later than I should have, I slept like a rock. Anyway, on to business...

Just for kicks and grins, I submitted an application to the House of Paincakes blogroll. Oddly enough, I got accepted. This is why I find it odd... Ya'see... HoP is primarily a place for Warhammer 40K blogs, and this blog here is not a 40K-oriented blog. I like the setting... I have an army for the game... but the current edition of the game leaves me feeling kind of "meh", so I don't really play it currently. Honestly, I don't play much at all right now. Running a game store just doesn't leave me the time I would like to ACTUALLY PLAY GAMES on a regular basis.

So, why'd I submit an application to the House? Simple... I was asked to. I have no clue why, but someone over there thinks I have interesting things to say in between all the pictures of what I'm wearing on a particular day. *shrug* Who knew?

Anyway, for those just joining me, this blog's primary purpose is as a self-accountability tool. I tried doing some regular features, but found that I just don't have enough "off-time" from the business to keep those up *AND* unwind. Every now and then, I drop a game-or life-related nugget of wisdom onto the 'net, and I guess that is what makes me worth reading...

Have fun... enjoy the ride... and remember, keep your arms inside the confines of the coaster at all times... We wouldn't want ya to lose one...

-- GopherDave

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 343 of 362

Running late as I'm trying to catch up on sleep. So here's the sum-up...

The benefit went great! We raised $3K+ for the Geiken family, and we couldn't be happier. Thanks to all who donated their items, time, and money. We appreciate you all more than I could ever express...  =)

As for gaming, the Terracide game went okay... we did a lot of nothing, but that is as much our fault as the GMs. As players, we're still trying to find out feet in the background. Meanwhile, Shady's off at the deep end going "come on over, the water's fine". We'll get there and meet in the middle someplace. Currently, we seem to be in a stick-and-carrot situation that involves one carrot and a whole LOT of sticks. As Rorschach would say, "Hurrrrrrmmmm..."

-- GopherDave