Friday, May 25, 2012

Skip Day...

Hey all... back at it again after a surprise day off. Basically, something of a personal nature came up and I had to pretty much hide for the day to get my head back on straight. Still not completely there, but I am *MUCH* better than I was Wednesday night.

Not much beyond that. Today is Friday, so that means a lot of Magic: the Gathering will be happening tonight. Skribl actually has most the weekend off to celebrate his high school graduation. The young man is amazing in what he can accomplish when he sets his mind to the task. He reminds me of... Headstrong... passionate... funny... and, at times, a total a**hole. I guess the Mother's Curse of having kids just like you comes true, after all... =P

-- GopherDave

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still Catching Up...

Wednesday... Normally Wednesdays are when delayed orders come in and I play a bit of catch up. With my trip out of town this weekend, I'm about a day off and this has become the main shipment day for the week. Thus, I'm about to head off to the store and do what needs to be done.

One potentially coronary-inducing milestone passed as of yesterday, though. Skribl graduated high-school in typical-for-his-DNA seat-of-the-pants fashion. Translation... Barely. He's a smart kid, but as unmotivated as they get in regard to school. Now, he's out... on time... on his own terms. With that, I no longer have to worry about Skribl in the educational sense. He'll do what he feels he needs to, but on his terms, and in his own time.

Will I still worry about him? Well, yeah... I don't know of a parent yet that has stopped worrying about their children. But now, with one of the major milestones of adulthood crossed, Loquacious and I can worry less...

-- GopherDave

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back At It...

Note to self... Don't ever do that again...

The ubiquitous "that" would be drive to the in-laws some 530 miles aways, return a rental car, pick up a different car, hang out for a small bit, and then drive back arriving roughly 32 hours from when you first left. There was a five and a half hour nap in there somewhere, I think. I could do this, and things like it when I was 25 with relative ease. At 45 years of age... gah... it is/was exhausting.

After a day-ish to recuperate, I'm back in the saddle and playing catch up. There's roughly a couple of hours before the store opens today, and I still have a couple of errands to accomplish before I get there. That said, driving there and back provided me with about seventeen hours of ruminating time. Not all of it was taken up with game thoughts, but a significant chunk was. The rest of it was taken up with trying to stay awake, missing my family, and trying to stay alive while driving into the heart of a massive thunderstorm near Memphis.

-- GopherDave