Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 346 of 362

Well... it's D-Day. In about an hour, Loq and I will have a meeting to determine if we are indeed signing a lease for a space we have been actively pursuing (and who has pursued us in return), or if we are back to square one. I have to be honest, with all the stress this situation has caused me, square one doesn't seem so bad right now. That, however, would be the easy way out...

...and the Gophers deserve more than that...

They deserve us to fight hard for something that will ultimately be better for them, for us, and for the good of the local table-top gaming community as a whole. The space we're pursuing (or something close to it) is that 'thing'...

So, Loq and I are going to put on our "war face". We're going to try and act professionally about it all, and we're going to fight for something that there should be no fight over. Someone has a space for rent. We want to rent it. Loq and I have run the numbers and made an offer we can pull off. The (potential) landlord sent back a counter. We had another round of back-and-forth and came to what I consider to be a (non-binding) 'handshake agreement'. Now, they've come back with trepidations about us being able to afford the space.

I don't know what numbers they're looking at, but we've no doubt we can pull this off with flying colors.

After all, we have an army of Gophers behind us... and that's all we'll ever need.

-- GopherDave


  1. Good luck you guys. I've got my fingers crossed. (Which makes it very hard to type, by the way.)


  2. So what happened? I see you posted "New Arrivals" on the website, so I take it that there was no (or little) bloodshed.

  3. No, no bloodshed...

    There was a fair chunk of agitation on my part when they asked for something (for the third time) that we had previously stated was off-limits.

    As it goes, they asked us for one more hoop to jump through. Fine. Whatever. I had pretty much shot them what they needed by Noon today. It's in their hands now.

    If there's no deal locked in place by Friday, then we're walking away from it... This has been dragged out for far too long.