Monday, February 07, 2011

Day 38 of 362

Wow... I made it to the double-digit percentage mark of my goal yesterday without even noticing. Considering that was one of my benchmarks, you'd think that day would have stuck out in my mind. I guess that means the whole "upgraded" Gopher Dave is becoming second nature to... ...GopherDave.

Anyway, today marks 10.49723% of my goal. Only 324 more days for a calendar year, minus the three days we are closed.

Not much to say today. It's Monday, so that means an early day for me as Lo will come in, take over the store, and play WH40K with her Black Templar. However, we are expecting the trucks that were supposed to be here last Wednesday to come in, so that means I get to play with shipments. I'm running behind on that today, but I'll have enough time to set the store up and do those as well.

Beyond that, that's it.

Until later... GopherDave

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