Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 236 of 362

Hey all... It's day four of "Operation: GopherDave Gets No Sleep". Thus far, we're not seeing much cause for the earlier hours, but, as stated, it's only been four days. Things may very well pick up.

On the gaming side of things, I get to play my laid back, cab driving, good-head-on-his-shoulders energy blaster, the Dark, tonight. I'd like to think it will help me with my creative road block, but I have a feeling it won't. I think I have what's happening with that nailed down, and it won't be cleared until I take care of another situation. Given how things things have (not) progressed on that front, and probably won't until Saturday, I'm expecting a situation much like KnightErrantJR had the last time he tried to run his Hellfrost game. Lovely.

Beyond that, not much is happening. I think I will price some MtG cards now, since there are a LOT of them to sort and price.

Ciao... GopherDave

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