Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tired of the Limited Menu...

I'm kind of tired this morning. Getting fours hours of sleep and getting up ON TIME (woot!) will do that to a man. Why so little sleep? Ehh... A number of factors, but mostly, a lack of dice...

See, being a small shop we're kind of limited in what we can bring in at any one time due to space constraints. Because of this, I had gotten into the habit of building/restocking the 7-set Dice Cubes from Chessex to about 25 or so sets each week. Before, that worked. Sales were slow enough to make that a viable model. Lately, we're coming out of weekly order cycles with fewer than fives sets. I know that we've lost sales because someone will come in, see our meager dice selection doesn't have what they want, and leave. I decided that I had had enough of that crap...

We're starting with the 7-setPolyCubes, but I think we'll eventually do this for every dice set. I talked to my main distributor and had them send us two sets of every 7-set cube they had in stock. We have easily over 150 sets of dice coming in over the next few days, with many of them coming in today. So, I spent some time after the store closed laying some groundwork to make receiving the whole order easier. That took a bit of time, but I'm glad I did it.

You know, I may actually start getting good at this business thing... ...eventually.

-- GopherDave


  1. So my first thought was to troll with something like:

    "150 sets of dice? Naw, that's just too much selection for me. No Thanks..."

    But really, 150 sets is kind of cool.


    Now I'll probably want to buy more dice. Like I don't spend enough already each week...

  2. Yeah... Counting on the invoice, we had 171 dice sets come in today, with 70 more sets showing up split between Fiday and Monday.

    I'm sort of hoping we sell more over the next few days in order make space for what's coming in...