Wednesday, May 16, 2012

After Quick Review...

Well... after reading through a chunk of Basic Role-Playing, the other night , I've come to a couple of conclusions...
  1. It really isn't much different than the original edition, just cleaned up and MUCH larger with more material from other sources.
  2. It isn't quite what I am looking for in a game system right now either. It's in the correct direction, just doesn't travel as far in that direction as I would like.
Those two points being made, I *LIKE* what Basic Role-Playing does. Mechanically, it's pretty damn simple compared to a number of systems, and looks like it can handle pretty much any genre you want to throw at it. Whether it can handle said genre *WELL* remains to be seen. The game seems to be fairly genre-neutral, which is what a lot of people want from a generic system. In my experience, though, the more neutral a system is, the less likely it is to excel at any particular genre. Your mileage may vary, though.

-- GopherDave

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