Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bull In A China Shop...

I am currently a bit discombobulated... I have done some things to hurt someone close to me. I did not realize the extent of the damage I had caused as some of the things I did to cause the displeasure happened around six months to a year ago. In short, I feel like an ass. I am trying to arrange an opportunity to speak with this person to tell them how sorry I am in a face-to-face context, but understandably, they want some space.

As far as friends go, I am most definitely a double-edged sword. I can be fun, funny, loyal, and a blast to hang around. I can also be brusque, brutally honest, and oblivious to the feelings and positions of others. There have been times I have called myself "the friend that everyone needs, but no one wants to have". I call things as I see them, and I typically do not hold anything back. Doing so can reveal great truth to a person, but also expose them to great pain. When confronted about it, I tend to get more direct, and a tad belligerent about the whole deal. I have tempered how I act as I have gotten older, but have not changed it entirely.

As a result, my behavior has caused me to lose some very good friends that I have valued highly. It might have just done so again. Personally, I am hoping otherwise...

-- GopherDave

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  1. Your post title made me smile because it reminded me of the episode of Mythbusters where they tried everything they could to get the bulls to knock over the flimsy shelves and they proved to be quite dexterous and graceful instead.

    As to the post contents, I am sorry to hear this. I hope that "time heals all wounds" proves to be a more trustworthy phrase.