Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Post-Election Stress Disorder...

Okay, the election is over. Obama won, Romney lost, and now the world can get on with its bad self.

If you didn't vote, don't gripe. You gave up that right when you chose not to vote. If you voted and "your guy" didn't win, you can gripe, but please do it in a constructive, move-the-country-forward manner. If "your guy" won, well, good on ya. Now is the time to help him "put up or shut up". You got four years and the clock is ticking.

Meanwhile, a small chunk of Deadlands: the Last Sons got run last night. It would have been more, but we were all kind of glued to the election. The posse managed to save Wovoka, chief of the Paiutes and big muckity-muck of the Ghost Dancers, but they lost almost the entirety of his remaining entourage. The group ended up a touch more wounded, but overall, they lost more bullets than blood.

One of the players cannot make the next session due to work stuff, so we'll use the next time to level some folks up and deal with the aftermath of the fight, and maybe, MAYBE finally get these guys to Deadwood where the fun *really* begins...

-- GopherDave

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