Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Not Dead Yet...

Mostly, I'm speaking of my Circle City Champions campaign. You know... the one I almost shot dead in the face by taking it into decidedly non-heroic, X-rated territory for some odd reason even I haven't fathomed yet, and I'm the one who took it that direction...

Well, after last session, I can say that the patient has made an almost complete recovery!

I have one player who is not thrilled by the turn of events, but he is a hard core character plumber that really has no experience with comic-book genre conventions. The other players and I are trying to convert him and get him to realize that what is happening to *ALL* of the characters is, in fact, a normal trope of the superhero genre, but it will take time. He's stubborn like that...

As for what happened... well, I'll leave it to one of my players who posts here regularly to update all of that. I kind of want to hear things from their angle, anyway...


-- GopherDave


  1. Wow, ok, where to start. 5 players, The Fro, Ace, Torque, PAX, and AKA, are all investigating a person who we think may be tied into a criminal organization in Indianapolis, THE CIRCLE. For some time some of us have been seeing strange rezzing effects, like bad computer graphics. The Fro decides to shoot PAX with an Illusion busting bullet and he drops dead!

    AKA feels that The FRO might be on to something so he starts to ask him to shoot ACE, and Fro shoots AKA! AKA drops dead...and wakes up in a BACTA tank in a medical research facility. He watches through the glass as PAX climbs back into a tank. AKA exits his tank and is soon joined by ACE and Torque. They begin to investigate the facility and find out that they are all terminally ill patients undergoing an experimental nanite immersion (which did work, they are all cured). The have been immersed for 7 weeks of a 9 week program, and all that time have been inside a computer simulation.

    Soon everyone is free except for a mysterious 6th person. We all find out that the nanites have "rebuilt" each of us according to our experiences in the simulation and we now all have "superpowers"! The 6th person (still in a tube) had developed computer powers and had taken over the simulation.

    The loss of Farenheit is explained as that patient being unable to accept the simulation, and dying in the process of being changed, whereupon PAX (who in reality is the head researcher) takes his place.
    (An effect of this is that the nanites grew back the leg he had lost in an accident.)

    We are told by the head of the facility that the nanites were programmed to give us powers, because the criminal organization in the simulation, THE CIRCLE is real, and he hoped that we would pry Indianapolis from their evil hold.

    Whew...I gotta go take a nap!

  2. Oh! And for those of us who were using equipment in the simulation are told that they have been built, although they are probably not as powerful, or work a bit differently that in the simulation. (This was a neat way for GopherDave to rework some powers that he thought were too powerful.) As a matter of fact we will all end up rebuilding our characters a little bit because of the nanites.

    And then there is ACE, who thought he was a robot that was built during the revolutionary war to fight the British, who finds out that he is actually a human body that is the host to the magical spirits of all of his previous ancestors, and who is having a hard time with it, which I can understand.