Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75 of 362

It's Wednesday, so that means shipment day at 'Gopher. I'll be heading out soon, but am still puzzled as to why our home computer has started acting REALLY slow over the last couple of days. I know my blog is picture heavy, but it used to take less than 30 seconds to load the page. Now, it takes upward of four minutes.

The machine is acting slowly in other areas as well, but not as noticeably as when web browsing. Hmmmm... I'll take tech ideas from any folks out there. My computer expertise pretty much stopped with the Commodore-64.

-- GopherDave

1 comment:

  1. Most probable cause is malware infecting your machine.

    You can try Spybot or AdAware to sniff out what might be wrong.

    (Part of the reason that I don't run windows on anything that I don't absolutely have to.)

    Are you expecting the Inner Sea Guide this week, or next?