Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 111 of 362

Hey there... Still sick, but seemingly on the up mend. Not much going on at the store today. Well, I should correct that. We have a Pathfinder RPG campaign, a Champions campaign, and a game of Emperor MtG going on tonight. So, not much, but still enough.

Take care...

Yours, sickly... GopherDave


  1. Hope you get better soon, dude. BTW I think that tie is one of the best of the bunch so far.

  2. Thanks, Jeff.

    I like the tie myself, but it somehow ends up in the back of the line in terms of rotation more often than not.

    I need to work on that... =)

    As far as sickness goes, I am slowly getting better... HUZZAH!

    -- GD