Friday, April 08, 2011

Day 98 of 362

Another Friday, another Friday Night Magic...

Things are looking like they might start to settle down for a bit, and that means I can get back to a routine. With that happening, my productivity might actually get to the point where I can post content outside of "Day X" stuff.

On the gaming front, for the Champions game last I resurrected an older character, but it was not Black Path. No, I brought back the first Champions character I ever had... the Dark.

The first version of this character had a cannon for an energy blast, but couldn't hit the broad side of a planet. I later reworked him into an effective character for one other campaign that was being run by my future wife, Loquacious. I think his best prior highlight was grabbing some poor martial artist, taking him up in the air, and then plummeting back down to Earth at terminal velocity. Right before impact, the Dark went intangible starting into the planet. The martial artist did not have this ability... he went THUNK!!! HARD!!! 30D6 worth of damage hard!!! Amazingly, the martial artist survived, but was very, very unconscious for the rest of the fight.

Last night had nothing as spectacular as that, but the Dark did get to blast a giant slug-like Cthuluoid creature from the inside. That was fun... =)

Until later, folks... GopherDave

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