Saturday, April 09, 2011

Day 99 of 362

I got a late start again, but this one is for a good reason. I went to bed at 3AM, but was awakened at 4:30AM by the dog. Apparently it was storming out, and storms make him a nervous wreck. So, I was pretty much up with him until 7AM or so. Ugh.

Loquacious got up and opened the store for me so I could get some more sleep (Thanks, Beautiful). I am about to head in soon.

On the agenda for today, Malifaux should just be getting underway as I type, then later I have my Saturday Champions game. Now all I have to do is remember what was happening. Even after Gamer Curmudgeon prompted me, I am still drawing mostly blanks. Not good, sports fans!

peace... GopherDave

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