Monday, May 30, 2011

Old Maps, New Work...

This is a much reduced image of a map I have going in Adobe Illustrator. It represents roughly one quarter of the land mass known as Tai'eres. I also have the other three quadrants in various stages of completion. I have a few places marked on the maps, but they may not stay where they are currently placed. I have made the decision to work on this thing if it kills me. I've also decided to ask for help.

The game mechanics are pretty much solidified. There are more areas to cover, but the mechanics as they stand only need some number tweaking to bring them more into balance. For me, mechanics are easy.

No, where I need help is with the setting. I have some concrete ideas in mind, and skeletal structure of the framework of the setting, but it desperately needs to be fleshed out, and that's just not something I am good at. I admit this now. I'm great at concepts and plot, but lousy at details and description.

Yep... just what the game world needs... another fantasy heartbreaker setting...

-- GopherDave

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