Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 173 of 362

Yay! Blogger uploads pictures correctly the first time!

In general, it looks to be a relatively easy day at the store. I've still got my family stuff happening, so I called off my Deathwatch game for the night. In its place, DDS will be running the Black Crusade giveaway from Free RPG day. (Preemptively, no, we did not participate. He got it from another store.) Thanks, sir. The break is appreciated given my "mental fuzziness" currently.

Beyond that, I'm going to look at finances tonight and see where we stand on the renovation fund. If all looks good, things will be ordered... =)

We may not end up with a bigger. badder Gopher like we initially thought, but we will end up with leaner, sleeker, and meaner one for the time being... =)

-- GopherDave


  1. Hopefully not meaner. We'll have to start calling the store The Gopher [Blank] (self-edited)!

  2. Actually... Being meaner is intended.

    Not from a customer service standpoint, mind you. There, we're still going to try to be as nice as pie.

    No... it's getting time to stop being so nice about how we react to our competition. We're not going to uprachet the direct aggression, but we're no longer going to as idle as we've been thus far.

    Stay tuned...

    -- GD

  3. Woo Hoo :-) I mean.... "I have an airtight alibi" :-)...