Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 174 of 362

Hey all... another Friday, and that means another Friday Night Magic. I don't want to say attendance has been down lately, but the summer has not helped this year. The bulk of the college students are gone, and only some of our high schoolers have returned. It's not a bad scene by any measure, just a touch smaller than we've gotten used to over the last few months.

Beyond that, not much is happening. Things are stabilizing with one side of the family, just in time for them to potentially explode on the other side. Depending on how I handle it, though, I might be the one setting off the detonation. I'm trying to tread carefully, but I have no problem launching the first salvo if things fall like I predict they might.

-- GopherDave


  1. Sweet tie today: 7.5 of 10

    Is that bronze and black?

  2. Yep... Bronze and black. I'm not normally fond of paisley, but this has become one of my personal favorite ties...