Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 258 of 362

Day three of ACD Games Day, and it would be hellafun if I weren't in the grips of some nasty cold/flu bug. More likely a cold as I have not had a fever yet, but I have had plenty of lung candy. I brought DayQuil with me (thank a higher power), but I left the Mucinex at home. Ehh... I'll hit it up tonight...

With sickness comes oversleeping, though, and we've missed the two Friday seminars we wanted to attend. I think we are just going to grab something to eat, pack the car, check out of the motel, and then head to the ACD warehouse to do some shopping. Once that's accomplished, we'll hit the road for the drive home to the Gophers. I miss y'all a bunch, but I do this trip each year to be a better GopherDave...

Let it be said, self-improvement is hard... =P

-- GopherDave

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