Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 295 of 362

Hey all... another Sunday. Loq took pity on me and went into to open the store while I snoozed a bit. Thanks, gorgeous!

The Terracide game was enjoyable, although the first session wasn't really a game, but more character creation. In HERO System, with folks who don't know the game all that well, that can take hours. I know the game fairly well, but I spent a fair chunk of time helping others with their characters as well. Overall though, I believe we have a crew that cover most bases of what we will run into out in the vast depths of space.

Today is a bunch of RPGs (including my own HERO System game), some board games, and a little Monsterpocalypse. I need to get going if some of this is going to happen...


-- GopherDave

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