Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 330 of 362

It's Monday... Overall, it's been slow, but things did start with a burst of business.

Loquacious faxed of a "Letter of Intent" for the potential new spot for Gopher. I say potential due to a couple of contingencies that have to be met/overcome. I started the ball rolling today for one of them. If we can get the new printer to speak to the (very) old point-of sale system, there will be a couple of things to print out. If not (and it's not looking likely), then I will have a couple of long nights doing stuff after close getting some pieces together to make the rest of what we need to happen happen.

No real word yet, though... and until there is, I may comment, but we are not COMMITTING or COMMITTED to anything. It is definitely a wait-and-see time.

The next few days look to be busy with orders, and other move-related business. It's a good thing I stockpiled some sleep. I'm gonna need it...

Now if I could just find some way to stockpile some for Loq as well, that'd be super...

-- GopherDave

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  1. :-) Been thinking about that... Have a few things to try after something novel, reading the manual for the dos print utility... If that fails, I DO have access to a large number of ancient printers that we could simply use for this purpose should it become necessary, and it is looking like that...