Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year... Same GopherDave...

It's a new year... and I've pretty much decided to continue with the pictures on the days I work, and skip the days I don't. Makes sense, right?

The reasoning behind continuing to do it at all is mostly due to a fair number of private communications with folks who seem to like what I've been doing, and have started to step up their "big boy" clothing habits because of it. I didn't set out to inspire anyone, but if that is the result, then I guess I sort of have a responsibility to continue.

The plan to improve Gopher continues apace. Once I'm done with this blog entry, I'm off to send e-mails and make arrangements to pick up some slatwall panels, order some shelves and brackets, a register stand for the new point-of-sale, and take care of other business.

Here's hoping your new year is a great one!

-- GopherDave

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