Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Stumbling Into Place...

Suck it, Blue!

Okay... the storage unit never got rearranged due to the weather, but we did get furring strips bought for the slatwall panels that we are picking up tonight. We did clear a space in the store for the stuff that was supposed to go into the storage unit , and then we'll assemble it as best we can over the next two days. The only snag I can see with this is Friday, when we have Friday Night Magic, which typically packs the place. It'll get kind of tight if we have ANY sort of crowd.

Progress is being made by the new point-of-sale system. The main part is at least in the state as it makes its journey from the west coast. Soon, it'll be in our dysfunctional hands...

As an added bonus, Skribl is still not feeling well, so he's not going to be of any help for toting and carrying of slatwall. Osmosis has offered to step in, but knowing where the slatwall panels that we are getting  are currently being kept, I'm doing him a favor by saying no. Os is very asthmatic and the place where the panels are is currently *REALLY* dusty.

That's it really... the calendar for the store website got fixed (Thanks, M-Bee), thus the event schedule is as up as I can make it. Now, off to go pay rent and sign a lease...

-- GopherDave

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