Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Slowing Down... -Ish...

Okay... Today will be another shipment day as a couple of them got delayed for whatever reason. Part of me is hoping for some island of sanity today, as I do have some things to get done. I'm also, for some unknown to me reason, in a crap ton of pain. Both my spine and my knee decided yesterday that they would remind me how much they dislike me. Today, my spine is still screaming, but the knee has quieted down. For all of that, I am glad that I have Vicodin.

On the gaming front, last night was another edition of KnightErrantJR's DC Adventures game, and it was a blast. After session upon session of world-ending apocalypses, we had a less serious set of adventures last night. Not only did we stop a bunch of weaponized, intelligent, velociraptors (with names like Clever Gal, Bitey, Wurlitzer, Chip, Zippy, and Lolz), we got them made "protectors of Canada". Don't ask me how we managed this, because I'm not certain myself.

Next, apparently my character's (Marathon) ex-wife wrote a tell-all book, and is capitalizing on being married to a well-known "hero" (Marathon *REALLY* skirts that fence at times) by promoting it with a two week book tour. Now, Marathon is kind of an a**hole. It's true. So, how does he combat this affront? Well, by following her book tour and telling his side of the story where Marathon owns up to being a d*ck at times, but overall, comes across as not that bad a person. As a result, book sales begin to tank, and Marathon accomplishes being a d*ck by... ...not being a d*ck. Odd...

Finally, near the end, we're back to the world-ending apocalypse thing (we *ARE* the current Justice League , after all). Mongul, son of Mongul, has brought WarWorld into orbit with Earth, executed his father on live television, and told us all to give up or die. Basically, as we watch this and as a collective group we are saying "no", a new wrinkle appears. It seems that Mongul's sister, Mongal also has aspirations for the throne, but due to some whacked-out WarWorld traditions, she needs a consort to produce an heir. Oddly, all eyes turn to us... Really... I mean... where's Lobo when you really need him. So, we kvetch amongst ourselves on who's going to become Mongal's consort, and Marathon steps up to take a hit for the team. He's already been married once, so he knows the minefield he'll be walking, and he's looking for a more positive female role-model for his daughter.

Not so fast... Necromancer decides that he too should be involved in this, and thus we both have to go through the Marriage trials to see if we are even worthy of being betrothed to Mongal. WarWorld + Marriage Trials = Pain. Lots of Pain. In Necromancer's case, it involved his death. Marathon made it through with some willpower, some encouragement from Myrmidon, and a touch of telekinetic cheating. Hence, Marathon is married once more... crap... Why do I have this odd feeling that if this relationship goes sour, Marathon's newest ex-wife won't settle for writing a book to express her displeasure?

-- GopherDave


  1. Mongal? really? Please don't tell me that she looks like a female Mongul.

  2. I don't know.... you tell me...

  3. Wow! there really is a Mongal. I thought Jared was just making that up. Actually...she's really not that bad looking. She's got an orange She hulk lookt to her, with long orange hair and purple suit, and and and big uh, y'know, them two things!

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  5. Sigh... so much for an edit function...

    I look at it as more "Starfire on steroids"...

  6. Well, ok, but Mongal has a whole lot more clothes on than Starfire.