Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Host Of Angels...

This particular combination gets the Loquacious stamp of approval...

I arrived at the store this morning to find all of today's shipments waiting for me at the neighboring business. Inside all of these boxes, outside of a few other games, was the initial wave of product for the next Magic: the Gathering set that releases tomorrow. With 62 boxes of booster packs, 20 Intro Decks, and 48 Fat Packs having to be moved from one store to another, I have made one definitive conclusion...

Angels are FREAKING heavy!!!

That being said, tomorrow looks to be a good day... =)

Today... Today we have a Pathfinder one-shot being run and some Malifaux pewter being pushed around. Afterward, we have the Avengers!!!


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  1. :-) So not too many dancing on the head of a pin there then?