Monday, June 18, 2012

Losing Myself...

It's late as I write this, but at least I'm writing something. Today was Father's Day, and it was a fairly mellow one at Casa de Gopher. Slept in, watched TV, bought workout shoes (more on that in a moment), and just enjoyed the day until I had to come to work.

Being Father's Day, the day was slow at the store. Things were mellow, but I did not get that much accomplished for various reasons. Tomorrow is Monday, which means it is order day. Beyond orders I don't have much to do at the store.

Tomorrow also happens to be the day the Loq and I start working out in an effort to shed weight. We're both large people, and in my case, I am only getting larger. This is bad for my heart, which already as issues. So, Loq and I joined a gym. She asked the other day if I wanted to start today, and I realized I didn't not have the shoes for it. I looked at my shoe assortment (all five pairs) and it came down to a pair of sandals, a pair of leather "business" shoes, a pair of hand-me-down basketball high-tops that are WELL past their prime, a pair of oxford wingtips that don't quite fit my feet anymore (too narrow), and a pair of boat shows (also too narrow). Loq pretty much had the same predicament. So we bought shoes. I guess that means we are full in.

Right now, at this moment, I am 45 years old, about 100 pounds overweight, and have a bad heart, knee, and spine. The weight is a problem, and has been for longer than care to admit. Now, here is my fear. I am slow to realize problems about myself, but when I do, I tend to employ overkill in an effort to fix it. For example, I did so with the "comic-book guy" image I gave off at the store. No one expected me to swing to this shirt-tie-vest extreme as a result, but I did. I overkilled the problem. Now, I am expecting that I will walk into the gym tomorrow, try to do too much at once, and, as a result, possibly send myself to the hospital.

The weight loss has to happen, though, and I have to start somewhere. I just have to be careful about it all...

I hope I can...

-- GopherDave

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