Monday, July 02, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

Okay... I'm back. Sort of...

Managed the uniform today, but looking at the upcoming temperatures for the area, this may be a one-day thing for now. It's looking to be hot here in the corn, folks. For the next five days or so, high temps are looking like 95 degrees Farenheit, with humidity somewhere in the "wet blanket" range. We'll see how it goes today.

For now, my day is looking like going in and doing some orders. setting up some tables and working the afternoon. Hi-Sign is closing, as we are arranging hours to accomodate the big MtG M13 Pre-Release weekend. Long hours are in store for yours truly.

Beyond that, Working out is more intermittent than I had orginally hoped, but it does happen. While slipping on my diet Saturday night and a little Sunday, I still got on the scale and had it show me 300.5 pounds. That is a pound less than Friday. I am hoping by week's end I will have dropped below the 300 mark. I am slowly heading downhill. If I did more than I am doing currently, it'd be faster, I know. It *IS* making progress, though, and I'm happy with that.


-- GopherDave


  1. Keep wearing sweaters and ties all week and you'll lose several more least temporarily. ;) Like, until they take you to the hospital and stick an IV in you. :D

  2. Ehhh... It wasn't that bad today. I got to the store early before it really heated up. I keep the store cold (some would say "arctically" so), so once I got there, I was good.

    Going home around 6PM though... that was a bit rough.

    Still, the whole sweater/tie thing has become sort of my signature. People now look at me funny when I *DON'T* wear it. Looking at the forecast for the next few days... Let's just say it will be "warm going".