Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pulling Up...

One of the better tie knots I have achieved lately...

After a week-long depressive funk and not getting much of anything accomplished, things are starting to look up. I am working one of my long days at the store, and once I close, I am planning on diving into the DICEBAG work I am hideously behind on.

After bashing my head against the "rules wall" for the last month or so, I am thinking that I will plot out at least one, if not more of the events I am running at Winter War in late January. Perhaps if I take some of the narrative pressure off then I can get back to the "heart of the matter" and finish wrenching on the rules engine.

Overall, the "heart" of the rules is written. Where I am at now is fine tuning things and adding situational rules to cover basics like falling, fire, electricity, and what not. I am still debating the inclusion/revision of a cache of weapon/damage rules I found from an earlier version. They would make things a bit more "realistic" at the expense of slowing things down. If I could just "poop or get off of the pot" with this bit of mental wrangling, I'm pretty certain things would begin to progress once again.

While Monday is a day off of sorts for me, I have a fair amount of stuff to get done. I was hoping to go see a concert in Joliet (GWAR!!!!) but looking at what is on my plate, that is not going to happen. I shall be busy, but I will be better equipped mentally to deal with it.

-- GopherDave


  1. Glad you're feeling better. If you don't mind my asking, is it easier for you to get out of your "downswings" with the help of family and friends, or is it better if they just accept what you're going through and wait for your emotional state to improve?
    Good luck with DICEBAG. Taking a different path is often a good tactic to solving a problem.

  2. My experience is : a little of both.

    There are certainly coping mechanisms and things I can do to ease his burden, share the load and help him move forward. But I have to accept that no matter what *I* do or what support I offer, ultimately, I can't change what's going on with him.

    Accepting that he needs me and just being present is probably the best way to help him get out of his moods without actually "doing anything" is a very tough thing to do.

  3. My lovely wife pretty much hit it on the head.

    The best way to get me out of a downswing is pretty much be there if in case I need you, but otherwise stay out of my way.

    If things get too bad, then someone needs to step in, but that doesn't happen too often.